i-Size (ECE R129) 40 cm - 83 cm | ≈ Birth - 15 months | ≈ Birth - 13 kg
  • 40 cm - 83 cm

Safe and easy installation every time
With the BABY-SAFE i-SIZE BASE you can easily fit and remove your infant carrier from the car with a simple click. The infant carrier includes handy indicators that show you when it is installed correctly on the base.

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Highlight Easy Installation BABY SAFE i SIZE BASE 1180x830px 72dpi

Safe and easy installation every time

Because you’ll be moving the infant carrier in and out of the car many times, especially in the first months, we’ve made installation and removal easy with the BABY-SAFE i- SIZE BASE. The base remains in your car, fixed to the ISOFIX connection points, and the infant carrier simply clicks on and off the base as you need it. Indicators on the BABY-SAFE i-SIZE show if it is installed on the base correctly, giving you peace of mind on every journey.


Features Height adjustable leg BABY SAFE i SIZE FLEX BASE 1180x830px 72dpi

Height adjustable support leg
The support leg provides extra stability for the infant carrier base via the vehicle floor. It minimises the tilting and rotational movement and reduces the forward movement forces exerted on your child in a crash situation, helping to protect them. For a secure installation, the support leg can be adjusted to suit the height that’s best for your car. The easy-to-read indicator shows you when the support leg is positioned firmly on your vehicle’s floor.

Features Carry handles BABY SAFE i SIZE FLEX BASE 1180x830px 72dpi

Carry handles
The integrated handles, conveniently located on the side and front of the base, allow you to easily carry and move the base.

Features Easy storage BABY SAFE i SIZE FLEX BASE 1180x830px 72dpi

Easy storage
We know that parents of young children have lots of baby items to store so we have designed the infant carrier base with convenient storage in mind. The support leg folds up so you can easily pack it away in your car’s boot or at home.

Features ISOFIX ratchet system BABY SAFE i SIZE FLEX BASE 1180x830px 72dpi

ISOFIX ratchet system
The ISOFIX ratchet system allows the ISOFIX arms to extend so you can easily fit or remove the infant carrier base from the ISOFIX anchorage points in the car. Once the ISOFIX connectors are engaged, push the base until it touches the back of the vehicle seat. This prevents the infant carrier from lifting upwards in case of an impact.



  • Rearward facing installation 40 cm - 83 cm


H x W x D

45 - 72 x 44 x 64 cm

H x W x D (folded)

23 x 44 x 66 cm


8.7 kg

H x W x D (extended)

72 x 44 x 64 cm


Not every seat fits in every car. To ensure that you pick the right seat, just choose your car to see if the BABY-SAFE i-SIZE BASE fits.