DUO plus

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Group 19kg - 18kg(9m - 4y)
64 cm45 cm46 cm9 kg


Giving you the flexibility of two installation options – the ISOFIX system or a 3-point seat-belt installation. The ISOFIX system anchors the child seat directly to the car offering maximum protection, while our unique “Pivot link” system reduces the child’s forward movement in the seat in the event of an accident.

This seat passed the Rollover Test 2014

In case of a roll-over, side impact or an offset impact where combined vertical, lateral and or oblique loading lateral forces can lead into ejection or submarining, the shoulder contact points and the crotch strap (of a fivepoint harness) stop those risks and keep the child safely in the protecting seat shell.

Why a five-point harness can save your child’s life

Product Features:
Forward facing installation from 9kg to 18kg
ISOFIX system allows direct connection to the car’s ISOFIX anchorage points
5-point safety harness with one-pull adjustment

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Prima Baby Reader Award2011Prima Baby & PregnancyGold - Reader Awards
baby&pregnancy2010Prima Baby & PregnancyBest Buy & Best Value