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Group 0+ & 10 – 18kg(≈ Birth – 4y)
78 cm45 cm53 cm12,2 kg


Safe, rearward facing and easy to install. MAX-FIX II provides comfort and safety for your baby from birth to 18 kg and is easy to install using the ISOFIX system. The seat is also lighter than most within this category.

This seat passed the Rollover Test 2014

In case of a roll-over, side impact or an offset impact where combined vertical, lateral and or oblique loading lateral forces can lead into ejection or submarining, the shoulder contact points and the crotch strap (of a fivepoint harness) stop those risks and keep the child safely in the protecting seat shell.

Why a five-point harness can save your child’s life

Product Features:
5-point harness with one-pull adjustmentdistributes the impact forces out across the strong bones of the body and into the seat, plus it allows you to perfectly adjust the harness to your child’s size and keep them secure in the seat no matter what collision you have
Rearward facing from birth to 18 kgallows you to keep your child rearward facing even longer
Compact and lightweight seattakes up less space in your car and is easier to handle and transfer between cars

If the car is equipped with active front seat airbags, it is prohibited to place a child in a rear-facing seat in the front of the car.
Please note: These product images differ from the actual state of good and do not feature the warnings required by law.

2013VTI SwedenPlus Test