Full lay-flat system

The healthtiest way to travel on longer journeys


The BABY-SAFE Sleeper is a complete lay-flat safety system. Whether by car, or with a BRITAX pushchair, your baby can travel safely and comfortably, completely protected at all times. Its energy absorbing interior offers the newborn child 360° body protection and when installed in a car with the handle in an upright position the roll-cage feature provides a protective zone around the baby.

Newborn protector

provides additional
support for very small
babies, offering a safe
and comfortable
environment, limiting
their movement when
travelling in a car.
Dr. Philippe Meyer was
also involved with the
development of the Newborn Protector.

Full lay-flat system

Medical studies agree that to
minimise periods of oxygen
desaturation newborn,
premature or very small
babies should be
transported in a lay-flat
system - the healthiest way for them to travel on longer journeys.

Dr. Philippe Meyer Hospital Necker for Sick Children in Paris


The BABY-SAFE Sleeper is our Group 0 solution and is a complete lay-flat safety system suitable for newborn and premature babies.