Accompanies your travels
No matter where or how you like to travel, the lightweight BRITAX HOLIDAY is the perfect companion for your trip. Thanks to its compact folding format and carry strap, you can quickly and easily pack it up and leave for your next destination.


Baby Toddler Child

6 months - 15 kg | 3 years


Travel light

Remarkably slim and easy to handle, the BRITAX HOLIDAY is our lightest buggy. At just 5 kg it’s perfect to take with you wherever you go and also easy to carry. Its sleek design also makes it ideal to use in busy areas.


Travel compact

With its super-fast and easy compact fold the BRITAX HOLIDAY has a tiny fold size – and the automatic fold lock keeps it that way. Small enough to fit in any car boot, the buggy stands conveniently on its wheels when folded, keeping fabrics off the ground so they stay clean for longer.


Travel with ease

The BRITAX HOLIDAY is ideal to take along, however you travel. Lightweight and compact, it’s easy to handle whether you’re at an airport, in a train carriage or simply stowing it along with luggage in the boot of your car. For complete freedom, place the convenient carry strap over your shoulder to carry the buggy and keep both your hands free.



Compact fold with automatic fold lock
FEATURE 3D folding BRITAX HOLIDAY 1180x830px 72dpi

With its easy fold the buggy reduces to a compact size that is not only freestanding, but also easy to handle. And thanks to its automatic fold lock, you can be sure it stays that way until you want to use it again.

Carry strap
FEATURE Carry handle BRITAX HOLIDAY 1180x830px 72dpi

The convenient carry strap attached to the buggy allows you to carry it over your shoulder, keeping both your hands free for your little one.

Seat unit with mesh panels
FEATURE Seat unit mesh BRITAX HOLIDAY 1180x830px 72dpi

To keep your child comfortable on hot days, the seat unit has mesh panels on the sides and top of the seat unit for better air circulation.

Hood with sun visor
FEATURE Hood with sun cap BRITAX HOLIDAY 1180x830px 72dpi

When taking a nice relaxing stroll in the sun, the hood with sun visor provides protective shade to your little passenger.

Adjustable safety harness
FEATURE Adjustable harness BRITAX GO BIG 1180x830px 72dpi

To keep your child secure and comfortable as they grow, the 5-point harness can be adjusted to different height positions, and is suitable for children up to 15 kg. Softly padded chest pads ensure additional comfort so you can rest assured that your child is always safe and sound.

Puncture-free tyres
FEATURE Rear wheels B AGILE 4 1180x830px 72dpi

The last thing you want when you're out on a walk with your little one is a flat tyre. Therefore the tyres are puncture-free so you can enjoy your journey.

Front swivel wheels
FEATURE Front swivel wheels BRITAX HOLIDAY 1180x830px 72dpi

The front swivel wheels ensure better manoeuvrability when you are going for a walk with your little one.

Softly padded handle
FEATURE Soft handle B AGILE 4 PLUS 1180x830px 72dpi

The handle is softly padded for added comfort when you are out and about with your pushchair.


Montagu Montagu Montagu


Weight complete Pushchair
5 kg

Pushchair unfolded
101 x 43 x 74 cm

Seating area
28 x 21 cm

Backrest length
53 cm

Handle height
101 cm

Pushchair folded (with seat unit and wheels)
24 x 25.5 x 60 cm

Rear wheel
12 cm

Front wheel
12 cm

Maximum weight capacity
20 kg

Maximum child weight
15 kg

Maximum weight in basket
5 kg


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